China Taxation Journal (hereinafter referred to as the Journal), administered by the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) and operated by China Taxation Magazine, is a financial magazine with a large circulation and influence. Being the only magazine published by the SAT, the Journal is the most authoritative magazine of taxation in China.
    The readers of the Journal mainly consist of tax authorities and corporate taxpayers. Report highlights focus on the following aspects, including hot topics attracting public attention, key points of tax work, interpretation and application of tax policies, feelings and suggestions by corporate taxpayers and etc.
    Founded in 1984, highlighting the policy and authority, integrating knowledge with fun, the Journal has become a mentor of tax professionals and tax guide of taxpayers, and brought increasingly expanding social influence. The Journal has gained fames with success in winning “A Hundred of National Key Social Journal”, “Double High Journal of China’s Journal Matrix”, “The Award of National Journal”, “The Nomination Award of National Journal”, “The Top Hundred Journal”.
    The success of the Journal owes to the support of authors and readers. In the future, let us be together all the way forward and create the brilliancy together!
    The columns and the contribution requirements of the Journal are as follows:

1. Special Report

This column, the core of the Journal, selects an important topic each issue reflecting tax hot spots, highlights and focuses from various levels and perspectives, such as converting business tax to VAT, Internet plus taxation, supporting the development of small and micro businesses by utilizing tax policies, taxation in supporting enterprises “go out”, taxation in supporting the entrepreneurship and innovation, handy tax service for the public. These topics have attracted high attention of tax authorities and taxpayers and achieved good results.

2. News Review of China Taxation

News Review of China Taxation. Based on the topic selected by the Special Report, this column invites tax officials from the General Office of the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) to contribute a commentary highlighting the authority and ideology.

3. Overview of Current Affairs

This column mainly scans critical tax affairs out and extracts the essentials of the newspapers and journals, including “Events”, ”Views” and “Numbers”. And “Events” introduce the summary of events concerning politics, economy, laws, and taxation occurring home and abroad; “Views” abstracts the authoritative views and abstract and compile of the comments from the experts and celebrities from political and economic spheres concerning economy, taxation and policy; and finally “Number” reflects the data concerning the macro-economic development and trend.

4. Tax Highlights.

This column mainly covers great events and conferences of the SAT and its relevant departments.

5. Special Feature

This column mainly covers important topics and contributions, such as Tax Thoughts and Practice of Xiaoping Deng in China's reform and opening-up -- Commemorating the 110th Birthday Anniversary of Xiaoping Deng, The Youth Dream and Tax Debate – Sidelights of the National College Tax Debate, Deepening the Fiscal System Reform.

6. Expert Column

This column publishes the contributions and interviews with the famous economists, entrepreneurs and cultural scholars both at home and abroad. Such as the article Zheng Han Shares His Views on the Project of Converting Business Tax to VAT with the Correspondent of the Journal is based on the interview with Zheng Han, a Member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and the Secretary of the Communist Party of Shanghai during the two sessions in 2013, the article Yining Li’s Views on the Current Hot Economic Topics is based on the interview with Yining Li, the famous economist, the article Entrepreneurs are the Entrepreneurs of the Ages is based on the interview with Guanju Xu, the vice president of China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the chairman of Transfar Group, the article A Fiscal Reform with Warmth and Perception is contributed by Lianqi Zhang, a member of the national committee of CPPCC.

7. Commissioner Forum

This column publishes the article written by the vice commissioner and above of the state and local tax bureaus of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. The article mainly focuses on the research, discussion and analysis on important tax issues, or reviews and comments on hot fiscal topics. The former format emphasizes research and perspectiveness, and the latter format emphasizes ideology and commentary.

8. Tax Life

This column tells the ordinary and moving tax stories of tax officials (either team or individual) reflecting their spiritualities. Stories about pioneers with outstanding contributions and winning records or ordinary officials rooted in grass-roots with silent contributions will prevail.

9. Cultural Corridor

This column is a world showing the work and life of tax officials and taxpayers, which publishes prose, essay, travels, work/life experience, book review and history of Chinese and foreign tax. The article highlights ideology, philosophy and culture. Tax-related article will prevail.

10. Policy Interpretation

This column mainly invites tax officials of the SAT participating in tax legislation, tax professionals of the Big Four and tax professors of universities to contribute interpretation articles of the recent fiscal policy. By combing with the case study and practice, this column solves the problems and helps taxpayers out.

11. Professional Guidance

Based on tax knowledge and skill, this column focuses on tax consultation, business operation and accounting coaching. The content of this column is relating to accounting, finance and tax which provides guidance of the practical operation. Such as the operational analysis on a specific financial problem, an analysis on the hot and difficult topics of the current tax policy, or an interpretation of a specific tax law and regulation.

12. Case Study

Combing the economics with tax laws, tax-related case is traced and exposed. This column either interprets and analyzes tax laws and regulations through cases or solves difficult problems in tax-related businesses. Contributions mainly consist of the special examination in tax inspection nationwide and one article only focuses one case. On the one hand, the article reflects the achievements of tax collection and inspection made by tax authorities, on the other hand, the article shares different views on tax policies between tax administration and taxpayers and provides answers by tax authorities.

13. Mailbox of Mr. Zhong

This column publishes typical tax policy problems especially tax operational practice issues occurred in tax collection and payment proposed by readers via letter, telephone or fax, and relevant department of the SAT is responsible for solutions. This column is authoritative, accurate and practical.

14. Reminder of Tax Payment

This column is mainly made for small-and-medium-sized enterprises. By analyzing and summarizing the risks that often occur in the practice of small-and-medium-sized enterprises, the tax risk issues in constant occurrence shall be demonstrated through visualization and story so as to provide risk reminder, policy guide for tax payers, expecting to lower the tax risks of taxpayers and avoid financial loss and reputation damage caused by wandering to minefield. Each piece should include three parts of “Risk Reminder, Case Analysis, Tax Comment”.

15. Internet Plus Taxation

This column explores each and every possibility of deep integration of “Internet Plus” and tax affairs, reflects the new achievements in taxation, new changes in the tax collection and administration, and new measures in tax service under the background of “Internet Plus Taxation”, shows the style and features of tax officials, and listen attentively to taxpayers.

16. Work Exploration

This column reflects new phenomenon and problem in tax-related work and discusses solutions and optimized path of relevant issues, which raises reflection from the readers.

17. Tax Event

This column displays the experience, highlights, information and image of tax authorities and taxpayers. Such as the practice, experience and case of innovation, features and effectiveness by tax authorities. This column also covers the short message of tax world, which reflects working trends and information of local tax authorities.

18. Tax Authority and Taxpayer

The content of this column mainly focuses on the tax practice activities with characteristics, highlights and effectiveness carried out by tax authorities, which reflects the achievements of tax authorities and satisfaction of taxpayers.

19. Picture News

This column reflects tax-related work nationwide through pictures and caption.

20. Solicit Articles

This column, which is irregularly scheduled, is jointly organized by relevant departments of the SAT, local tax authorities/relevant organizations and the Journal.

  • Expert Column

    Form: Signed article or interview.
    Requirements: The article shall be easy to read and understand. Living stories attached will prevail.
    Number of words: 4000.
    Contribution email:
  • Commissioner Forum

    Form: Signed article.
    Number of words: 3000-3500.
    Contribution email:
  • Tax Life

    Form: News report.
    Requirements: Story is concrete and real with sincere emotion.
    Number of words: 3500-4500.
    Contribution email:
  • Cultural Corridor

    Number of words: 2500-4500.
    Contribution email:
  • Policy Interpretation

    Number of words: 3000-5000.
    Contribution email:
  • Professional Guidance

    Requirements: The article shall be easy to read and understand. Professional articles with case studies will prevail.
    Number of words: Within 5000 words depending on the content.
    Contribution email:
  • Case Study

    Form: First, brief introduction or review of a specific case, disputes or different opinions between tax administration and taxpayers, final resolution and its interpretation, case inspiration or working proposal; Second, detailed news report will prevail if the case is not controversial.
    Number of words: 2500-3500.
    Contribution email:
  • Mailbox of Mr. Zhong

    Form: Questions and answers.
    Number of words of each question: 500-800.
    Contribution email:
  • Reminder of Tax Payment

    Word count of each piece: 600-800 words.
    Contribution email:
  • Internet Plus Taxation

    Requirements: The background of articles shall be set up as “Internet Plus”, and modernity, practice and depth shall be well demonstrated. By considering the practice of “Internet Plus Taxation” all over China, experiences and counter-measures shall be presented.
    Article style: Research report, comments, news report and stories.
    Number of words: No more than 3000 words.
    Contribution email:
  • Work Exploration

    Requirements: Language is popular, concise and fluent, both topics and ideas are new.
    Number of words: 1500-3000.
    Contribution email:
  • Tax Event

    Requirements: Language is concise and well organized. The article is time-efficient.
    Number of words: 2000 (Each short message of tax world is within 500 words.)
    Contribution email:
  • Tax Authority and Taxpayer

    Form: News report.
    Requirements: Language is vivid and readable with clear logic. Either tax officials or taxpayers (e.g. financial staff of enterprises with tax experience) are welcome to make contribution.
    Number of words: 2500-3500.
    Contribution email:
  • Picture News

    Requirements: The picture is fresh, real and vivid reflecting local working features. Tax officials in the picture shall match the dress code and picture content shall be clear. The caption shall be concise and within 300 words.
    Contribution email:
  • Solicit Articles

    Requirements: The article shall be the original work focusing on tax reform and modernization and reflecting the theory and practice exploration of innovation, breakthrough and promotional value.
    Form: News report reflecting innovation practice or important breakthrough and discussions with theoretical depth.
    Number of words: 3000.
    Contribution email: